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Bluetrait Release Log

+ New Feature
* Bug Fix
- Other Change

Version 8.1

  • + Users can now be members of multiple permission groups
  • + Ticket Rules. Allow various ticket options to be set based on rules when a ticket is created.
  • + Improved user interface
  • + Set ticket due date when replying to a ticket
  • + Improved API
  • - Various PHP 7+ improvements
  • * Various bug fixes and improvements

Version 8.0

  • + New Email Template System (Revolvapp)
  • + Ticket Forward Feature
  • + End Impersonate Feature
  • + Clone Permission Groups Feature
  • + Able to unlock user account if locked out
  • + Auto CC option for canned responses
  • + Capature Additional Email Addresses in POP3 download (and add to CC list)
  • - Additional Plugin Hooks 
  • - Improved Permission Groups Interface
  • - Updated Error Page HTML
  • - Upgraded to latest Bootstrap 4.3.1 libraries
  • - C3 & D3 js library upgrades
  • - HTML Fixes & Improvements

Version 7.5

Note: This version requires PHP 5.6+

  • + New limit group impersonate feature.
  • + New view department users permission.
  • * Fixes for MySQL strict mode
  • - Upgraded to latest Bootstrap 4.1 libraries
  • - Upgraded HTMLPurifier to 4.10.0
  • - HTML Fixes & Improvements

Version 7.2

  • + Custom Field Improvements
  • - HTML Fixes & Improvements
  • - Upgraded to Redactor II Version 2.11

Version 7.1

  • + Email signature per agent.
  • + Change Priority while creating a reply.
  • + Paging support for Users page
  • - Improvements to tickets last modified value.

Version 7.0

  • + All new Bootstrap 4 based theme with side menu
  • + New V3 user based API with security tokens (in development).
  • * Fixes for MySQL strict mode
  • * Carbon Copy on Ticket Note is now correctly hidden/disabled for private replies.
  • - Framework improvements for VIP project (increased session storage size).
  • - Installer migrated to new theme.
  • - Upgraded Redactor II to Version 1.3.2
  • - Upgraded htmlpurifier library to 4.8.0
  • - Upgraded c3js to 0.4.11
  • - Upgraded to jQuery 3
  • - Upgraded various other libraries and plugins to support jQuery 3 (more work required)

Version 6.2

  • + Azure AD Authentication Support
  • + New Dark Theme
  • + New short-hand functions for safe_output, html_output, and language output. You can now use _s(), _h() and _l() for the three.
  • + New DISPLAY_ERRORS dev mode for outputting errors in dev.
  • + Some basic loop production so that emails aren't sent to any email addresses setup in STMP (prevents emails being sent to itself).
  • + IP/Host/Subnet deny/allow using a global IP address list, able to limit per permission group (IP addresses must be manually configured, not exposed in the interface at this stage).
  • + Automatically adds the list of people CC'ed in the ticket to the CC field in the ticket reply.
  • - In Ticket History the description of the original ticket is now shown.
  • - Changes to the way the V6 theme is built to allow us to make custom themes more easily (specifically for Bluetrait.com).
  • - Various framework changes to support a VIP customer for a large project we are working on (Read only sessions, file based caching and more in future).

Version 6.1

  • + Per user language options (in user profile page)
  • + For new user accounts (when using Active Directory, LDAP or JSON authentication types) you can now select the Permission Group that a user is automatically added to.
  • + For user accounts (using Active Directory) you can now match Active Directory groups to Permission Groups and User Language. This feature allows you to dynamically assign user accounts to specific permission groups (and languages) based on their Groups in Active Directory.
  • + User Profile option to return to ticket index automatically after replying to a ticket.
  • + New bulk option "Close without Notification", allows you to mass close tickets without sending email alerts.
  • - Some logging improvements to the Ticket Audit History
  • - Upgraded Redactor II to Version 1.2.2 (fixes various issues that we reported such as pasting list items etc)
  • - Added Table and Source plugins for Redactor.
  • - When logging in via JSON if a duplicate username is found an event is now logged in the event viewer
  • - Installer now uses new V6 theme.
  • * Fixes certain MySQL strict mode bugs.
  • * Fixed Priority and Status colours in mobile view.

Version 6.0

  • + Tickets Auto Archive Option (in Settings -> Tickets)
  • + CCed email addresses are now logged in event log.
  • + Extra plugin hooks (in table_access edit & delete)
  • + You can now impersonate a user (from the Users page)
  • + New Add Ticket API (sponsored by Arffeh, thanks!) which allows tickets to be created on behalf of users, set custom fields, attach files and more.
  • + New Premium theme
  • + New Staff Chat Plugin (Bluetrait.com only)
  • + New RedactorJS 2 Version 1.2
  • - Ticket Views (Users viewing this ticket) can now be disabled from Settings -> Tickets
  • - POP3 and SMTP queues are now processed every 2 minutes and not every 5 minutes (makes email processing and sending a lot quicker)
  • - Added drop zone library
  • - Upgraded htmlpurifier library to 4.7.0
  • - Upgraded moment.min.js to version 2.10.6
  • - Removing old unsupported datetimepicker arguments
  • - Upgraded datetimepicker to version 4.17.37
  • * Edit custom field bug fix for checkboxes.
  • * Facebook login failed event log bug fix (minor).
  • * Fixed file notes search on files attached to ticket replies.
  • * Fixed WYSIWYG bug (duplicating WYSIWYG) when editing a ticket reply.
  • * new_department_ticket warning/bug fix for "Warning: Illegal string offset 'token' in"

Version 5.3

Note: This version requires PHP 5.4+

  • + Major upgrades to file attachment handling in Tickets and Replies.
  • + Checkbox is now an option in custom fields.
  • + Adds {No Subject} to POP downloaded emails if empty subject.
  • - Upgraded Facebook SDK to Version 4 (required many changes to Facebook authentication system).
  • - Upgraded redactor.js to 10.1.1
  • - Upgraded V5 theme to bootstrap 3.3.4
  • - D3 and C3 libraries added
  • - Dates class added
  • - Language Words class added (to help generate up to date language files)
  • - Minor HTML fixes and improvements.
  • * Minor PHP notice fixes.

Version 5.2

Note: This is the last version that will support PHP 5.3. Tickets 5.3 onwards you will require PHP 5.4 or higher.

  • + You can now delete a single queue item
  • + New Plugin Sections/Hooks Debug Pages (found at: /settings/view_plugin_sections/)
  • + Email alert sent to assigned user the day before a ticket is due (if still open).
  • + You can now manually override any config value in the database config table using a new file called override.php in /user/settings/ (Makes it easier to have a staging config that isn't saved to the database and/or multiple domain name URLs using a switch on $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"]).
  • + The CC field is now downloaded from POP3 emails and shown for imported tickets.
  • + Show my open assigned tickets and global open tickets via Numerics (for AppleWatch). Using new per user API system.
  • + Started working on help popups in settings pages.
  • * New Ticket and New Department Ticket email notifications did not include Name/Email if ticket was created by a guest/non-user.
  • - Upgrade redactor.js to 10.0.9

Version 5.1

  • + Global Permission Group Notice
  • + Delete Ticket Permission Task
  • + Gallery for files and private files on view ticket page (so that you can view attached images without downloading them). Either view as gallery or click to jump straight to that specific image.
  • + Now able to set Status per POP3 account for incoming emails
  • + Support for real names in from field (for email notifications).
  • + You can now translate and/or customise the password reset email notification.
  • * Fixed duplicate message_id bug in POP download.
  • * Fixed tickets_view_audit_history permission task did not allow access to audit history.
  • * Fixed encoding bug in edit ticket reply.
  • - User index page now shows when the account was added.
  • - Show Opened/Closed button now sets limit to 250.
  • - Ticket Ajax views now displays approximate time ago.
  • - Now logs user details when a successful login occurs when using Facebook authentication
  • - New where_in option in table_access class
  • - Upgraded JQuery to 1.11.2
  • - Upgraded Moment js to 2.9.0
  • - Upgrade redactor.js to 10.0.7

Version 5.0.4

  • * Fixes security flaw.
  • * Fixes certain MySQL strict mode bugs.
  • - Upgraded WYSIWYG to Redactor 10.0.5
  • + New pop_auto_reopen_ticket database option, allows tickets to default back to open status on any reply (not just if the ticket is closed).

Version 5.0.3

  • - Upgraded WYSIWYG to Redactor 10.0.4
  • - Improved redirect to dashboard if user does not have access to tickets module, dashboard now displays database upgrade option (useful for upgrading from v4 to v5 when permissions are not upgraded).
  • * Some possible fixes to encoding issues with POP3 downloader.
  • * Added missing tickets_view_canned_responses task permission.
  • + Table access framework tweaks and improvements

Version 5.0.2

  • - Internal release for VIP customer.
  • * Upgraded WYSIWYG to Redactor 10.0.3 and included another custom hotfix to stop browser crashing when certain HTML is displayed.
  • - Upgraded Select2 to 3.5.2.

Version 5.0.1

  • * Upgraded WYSIWYG to Redactor 10.0.2 and included custom hotfix to stop browser crashing when certain HTML is displayed (i.e from the edit ticket page).
  • * Fixed minor bug where viewing queue item may not work.
  • - PHP Version is now sent to us in the version checker and auto update system. This allows us to determine which versions of PHP we should support.
  • - Added WHERE option for delete in table_access class

Version 5.0

This version includes a large number of code changes (all new permissions system). If you are an existing user please ensure you have a full backup of database and files before upgrading.

  • + New in-house designed default theme (called v5)
  • + New task based permissions system. Replaces old fixed user level permissions (you can now create and customise your own user permission groups).
  • + You can now search custom fields (where client modify is enabled)
  • + You can now set a colour for the ticket priorities.
  • + Reply To email header is now used for POP3 download if set.
  • + Date and Datetime custom fields are now supported.
  • * Upgraded bootstrap-datetimepicker and moment libraries (fixes Safari crash when datepicker is enabled on a page + other browser crashes)
  • - sub_themes value in the specific theme class is no longer required, this is generated automatically.
  • - API class can now accept raw json data.
  • - Increased time out on auto update system to 60 seconds (up from 5), allows the update system to work better.
  • - Upgraded WYSIWYG to Redactor 10.0.1
  • - Upgraded Select2 to 3.5.0
  • - Upgraded to Bootstrap 3.2
  • - Added Morris graphs library.
  • - More plugin hooks.
  • - Plugins page will now show if there is an update for the application and/or db upgrade (makes plugin page show all possible updates to the system).
  • - Some possible improvements to encoding issues with POP3 downloader (still some improvements to be made in future versions).
  • - HTML fixes and improvements.
  • - HTML fixes and improvements to installer.
  • - Many other minor tweaks and changes.

Version 4.5.1

  • * Fixed bug that meant when submitters edited a ticket where custom fields had client modify was set to no where being deleted/lost.
  • + Added a date due field for tickets (currently for Admin, Global Moderator and Moderator).

Version 4.5

  • + Ticket Views (ajax system designed to show staff members who else is also looking at the same ticket).
  • + Ticket Index now remembers the page number.
  • + You can now increase the session timeout setting in Settings -> Authentication.
  • - Audit History fixes and improvements.
  • - Clearing individual select box values has been improved.
  • - Upgraded WYSIWYG to Redactor 9.2.3
  • * Minor bug fixes to Facebook authentication.

Version 4.4

  • + You can now transfer and assign tickets when adding a public reply.
  • + Audit History now tracks: ticket replies (including via portal, guest portal and POP3).
  • + Added Facebook as an authentication option.
  • - More plugin hooks.
  • - HTML fixes and improvements.

Version 4.3.2

  • * Fixed Bootstrap Datepicker for searching tickets via date added.
  • * Fixed Company ID not being set in the session on login (used for CRM plugin).

Version 4.3.1

  • - More speed improvements to the ticket index when using a large database with many ticket replies.
  • - Upgraded Select2 Library to 3.4.7 trunk build.
  • - Upgraded Bootstrap Datepicker Library to 3.0.
  • - More plugin hooks.
  • - Upgraded WYSIWYG to Redactor 9.2.2
  • * Fixed bug when editing a ticket reply, parts of the description may go missing.

Version 4.3

  • + Morning theme is back.
  • + Ticket Audit History.
  • + Private files can now be attached to a ticket.
  • + Search now finds tickets on attachment file name (does not include private files).
  • + Users can now select to reverse the view ticket page (add reply at the top, latest replies first and then the original ticket at the bottom). Changed from Profile -> Edit page.
  • + You can now search tickets via date added.
  • + Global Mods & Admins can now change owner/user of a ticket.
  • - Some speed improvements to the ticket index when using a large database with many ticket replies.
  • - Increased minsize of WYSIWYG editor.
  • - Upgraded default bootstrap theme to bootstrap 3.1.1
  • - Upgraded JQuery UI Slider Access Library
  • - Upgraded JQuery UI Timepicker Library
  • - Upgraded JQuery Cookie Library
  • - Upgraded JQuery Library
  • - Upgraded WYSIWYG to Redactor 9.2.1
  • * A number of bug fixes to the merge function.
  • * Fixed possible bug where first opened and closed statuses are not actually opened or closed (actually fixed this time).

Version 4.2.1

  • - Improved support for future CRM plugin.
  • - Improvements to installer for new installs.
  • - You can now disable storing raw email data with a hidden database option (for servers with limited storage capacity or processing power, set store_email_data in config table to 0).
  • * Fixed possible database bug where first opened and closed statuses are not actually opened or closed (rare).

Version 4.2

  • + You can now create custom fields that Guests/Submitters (clients) cannot see.
  • + Now checks enabled plugins for updates (plugins must be updated to support this feature).
  • + Auto update system allows you to re-download the latest installer (useful for repairing installs or if an updated didn't overwrite all files correctly).
  • + You can now view the raw pop email data for tickets and ticket replies.
  • + Queue Viewer (so you can now see what items are currently in the queue to be sent, found at settings/queue/.
  • + Active Directory user details (name, email, phone) are now updated if changed on next login.
  • + LDAP user details (name, email) are now updated if changed on next login.
  • + JSON user details (name, email) are now updated if changed on next login.
  • + Basic Single Sign On (SSO) Support. More info - https://portal.dalegroup.net/p/kb_view/28/.
  • * Fixed bug when creating a new user, email notifications were enabled even if set to disabled.
  • * HTML fixes and improvements.
  • * Fixed WYSIWYG font colour buttons from not working.
  • - Upgraded HTMLPurifier to version 4.6.0.
  • - Upgraded WYSIWYG to Redactor 9.1.9
  • - Changed transfer icon on ticket index page.

Version 4.1.1

  • - Performance improvements to tickets index page on larger databases.
  • - Upgraded WYSIWYG to Redactor 9.1.8
  • - Defaults theme to Bootstrap 3 for users upgrading (standard and bootstrap2 themes are not supported).
  • * Fixed bug where CC messages weren't sent when the ticket owner had email notifications switched off.

Version 4.1

This version no longer supports the standard or bootstrap2 theme.
This version no longer supports IE8.

  • + File attachments are now included in email notifications.
  • + Email subject is now saved & displayed for POP3 downloaded ticket replies.
  • + POP3 downloaded email is now saved unmodified in the database (attached to either ticket or ticket reply), for debugging & future use.
  • + You can now transfer a ticket to a new department in the private reply area.
  • + You can now assign a ticket to a user in the private reply area.
  • + You can now search logs.
  • + You can now filter logs per user.
  • + Email subject is now logged in logs.
  • + Name of user is now displayed next to logs.
  • + New API calls - Authenticate & Add User.
  • + Improvements to custom API calls.
  • + Print CSS for view ticket page.
  • + Installer has been updated to Bootstrap 3 interface.
  • - Some changes to email notification logic. We have more major changes planned for a future version.
  • - Ticket Status and Departments are now ordered alphabetically.
  • - Turned off autocomplete for username/password on POP3/SMTP add/edit pages.
  • - Upgraded WYSIWYG to Redactor 9.1.7
  • - Upgraded dropdowns to Select2 3.4.5
  • - Upgraded default bootstrap theme to bootstrap 3.0.2.
  • - Removed all extra languages (they were out of date and not maintained, we will be releasing a separate zip download containing them).
  • * Fixed some PHP notices.
  • * Fixed some bugs in email notifications.
  • * Fixed some character encoding issues in email subjects when sending notifications.
  • * Fixed some character encoding issues in file downloads.

Version 4.0 (not publicly released)

This version no longer supports the standard or bootstrap2 theme.
This version no longer supports IE8.

  • + All new Bootstrap 3 interface.
  • + When adding a ticket reply you can now select a custom status.
  • + You can now create private replies that cannot be seen by submitters.
  • + You can now edit and delete ticket replies.
  • + You can now unset a specific filter option on the ticket page without clearing the whole search.
  • * Fixed Canned Responses from duplicating the existing reply.
  • * Some fixes to certain text that couldn't be translated.
  • * Fixed Type filter from being reset when changing pages.
  • - Moved Merge option to above Delete in the mass change dropdown.
  • - Upgraded WYSIWYG to Redactor 9.1.5
  • - Upgraded dropdowns to Select2 3.4.3
  • - Upgraded jquery to 1.10.2

Version 3.5

This version no longer supports the standard theme.
This version no longer supports IE8.

  • + New Theme (sesamo)
  • + You can now merge tickets.
  • + The system can now auto create users from POP downloaded emails.
  • + The system can now auto create users from guest portal tickets.
  • + Custom JSON Authentication for use with external systems.
  • + You can now use the #TICKET_KEY# token in the subject of email notifications (subject is checked first and then the ticket body).
  • + Now displays the number of tickets being shown on the ticket list page.
  • + Administrators and Moderators can now delete a ticket directly from the view ticket page.
  • + Guests can now download files attached to tickets via the guest portal.
  • * Some fixes to certain text that couldn't be translated.
  • * Fixed some PHP notices.
  • - Reduced the number of notifications sent to the same person when in a department that gets extra notifications.
  • - Ticket Status colour is now used for the background and not the text.
  • - Minor display improvements to custom fields on view ticket page.
  • - Some CSS improvements for smaller screens.
  • - Upgraded WYSIWYG to Redactor 9.1.4
  • - Upgraded Drop downs to Select2 3.4.2
  • - Improved support for future CRM plugin.

Version 3.4

This version is the last version to support the standard theme.
This version no longer supports IE8.

  • + Dashboard
  • + You can now CC tickets to a list of email addresses (bootstrap theme only).
  • + Dropdown select boxes using Select2 now work in the Standard theme.
  • - Improvements to the add ticket and guest add ticket pages (bootstrap theme only).
  • - Minor improvements to the plugins page (bootstrap theme only).
  • - Upgrades to framework and components to support more complex plugins (table access get method now supports custom database joins via plugins).
  • - Upgraded WYSIWYG to Redactor 9.0.4
  • - Upgraded default bootstrap theme to bootstrap 2.3.2.
  • - Upgraded morning bootstrap theme to bootstrap 2.3.2.
  • - Upgraded chrome bootstrap theme to bootstrap 2.3.2.
  • - HTML Fixes and Improvements
  • - Ticket status count on support page (bootstrap theme only).
  • - Guest Portal will now auto redirect to the Add Ticket page if no guest portal message/text has been set.
  • * Fixed some PHP strict notices.
  • * Possible fixes for POP3 downloader importing the same emails if "Leave Message on Server" is enabled (a database option is also available to reject emails with missing message-id headers).
  • * Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.3

  • + New Bootstrap theme (called Chrome).
  • + Canned Responses (setup from Settings -> Tickets).
  • * Bug fixes when running in MySQL Strict Mode.
  • * Fixed tickets not going into default department if no department selector is visible (and therefore fixes a notification bug).
  • * Other minor bug fixes.
  • - Upgraded WYSIWYG to Redactor 8.2.6

Version 3.2

  • + When adding a new user existing tickets are matched based on the email address.
  • + You can now add guest users that cannot login.
  • + Ticket filter is now hidden in the mobile bootstrap view with a show button.
  • + Ticket search now also searches any replies attached to a ticket.
  • + New dropdown select boxes using Select2 (bootstrap themes only).
  • + Date user created is now stored and displayed on view user page (all existing users will default to upgrade date).
  • + Show Enabled/Disabled buttons for plugins page.
  • + You can now upload multiple files at a time.
  • + You can now delete a file from a ticket on the edit ticket page.
  • + New Modal Popover that allows you to easily transfer/assign/delete a single ticket (bootstrap themes only).
  • + iOS icons for home screen.
  • - Improved the view user and view ticket page layout.
  • - Tickets will automatically set a ticket to open if the user replies to a ticket. This status now only changes if the state of the ticket is currently inactive (e.g. if you have a custom status called "in progress" that is a type of open, then any reply would have set this back to "open", this status will now stay as "in progress").
  • - Lots more plugin hooks.
  • - Lots of tweaks to improve usage when on a mobile device (when using bootstrap theme).
  • - Storage path is now set during install.
  • - Upgraded internal date functions to support UTC.
  • - Increased the amount of time the database upgrade script can run (needed for very large databases).
  • - Upgraded default bootstrap theme to bootstrap 2.3.1.
  • - Upgraded morning bootstrap theme to bootstrap 2.3.1.
  • - Upgraded HTMLPurifier to version 4.5.0.
  • - Upgraded JQuery to 1.9.1.
  • - Upgraded JQuery UI to 1.10.1.
  • - Upgraded JQuery ColorBox to 1.4.3.
  • - Upgraded WYSIWYG to Redactor 8.2.4

Version 3.1

  • + Auto Updater System (allows you to upgrade Tickets directly from the web interface).
  • + New email notifications (New Department Ticket and New Department Ticket Reply) that allow staff and higher user levels to get notifications when new tickets are created within their assigned departments.
  • + You can now set the timezone during the install.
  • + More email notifications tokens.
  • - More items can now be translated into different languages.
  • - Upgraded WYSIWYG to Redactor 8.2.2
  • - Show open/closed tickets button for all users.
  • - Submitters can no longer edit Status and Priority of a ticket.
  • - Full Time/Date of a ticket can be seen when hovering over Added/Updated values.
  • - Tweaks and bug fixes.

Version 3.0

  • + Two all new bootstrap themes with mobile support.
  • + Danish language translation.
  • + Theme Switcher.
  • + Ticket notes/replies will now display the correct user details if from a non-user.
  • + LDAP Authentication Support (tested with OpenLDAP 2.4.31-1ubuntu2)
  • + You can now edit Custom Field values on the edit ticket page.
  • + JSON API Version 1.0.
  • * Fixed time being 1 hour incorrect.
  • * Fixed last 6 months function used in report plugin.
  • - Improvements to email notifications (Ticket Department, Ticket Status and Ticket Priority can now be used).
  • - Upgraded WYSIWYG to Redactor 8.2.1
  • - Admins can now directly go to a user from the new ticket page.

Version 2.5

  • + Mass Moderate now works with custom status.
  • + New plugin hooks for view user page, register user page and tickets view.
  • + Auto prune old logs after 100,000 logs (once a week).
  • + Auto database optimise (once a month).
  • + Ticket will be automatically reopened if a new message is sent to it via POP.
  • + Welcome Email when creating new users.
  • * Encoding fixes and improvements when downloading emails via POP.
  • * Fixes to user dropdown lists when only a single department exists.
  • * Fixed Queue bug where emails might not get deleted from the queue.
  • - Upgraded WYSIWYG to Redactor 8.1.1
  • - Upgraded JQuery to 1.8.2 (if you are running the calendar plugin make sure are using Version 1.1)
  • - Stopped spamming the event log with POP3 messages.

Version 2.4.1

  • - Upgraded WYSIWYG to Redactor 8.1.0
  • * Fixed POP3 download not working on certain installs.
  • * Fixed Department delete.
  • * Fixed Department member count after a user has been deleted.

Version 2.4

This version includes a large number of code changes to support department permissions. If you are an existing user please test/try 2.4 with a fresh install before upgrading.

  • + Departments have had a complete overhaul (permissions and user assignment).
  • + Two new permission levels (staff and global moderator).
  • + User dropdown lists are now dynamic and correctly list valid users for each department or permission type (i.e you cannot assign a ticket to a submitter).
  • + Portuguese Language (thanks to a couple of the users of Tickets for providing this).

Version 2.3

  • + Multiple SMTP accounts are now supported.
  • + Pushover Notification Support
  • + New Logo
  • - Installer now does even more checking of the server setup before install can continue.
  • - Improved code documentation
  • - Other minor tweaks to the system.
  • * Workaround for bug in certain PHP versions not allowing login.
  • * Fixed some bugs with Timezone support.

Version 2.2

  • + Ticket Custom Status (with Colour Picker)
  • + Timezone Support
  • + When there is more than 1 department all users can select a department on ticket submit.
  • + Moderators can now set User and Assigned User when creating a ticket.
  • - Upgraded WYSIWYG to Redactor 8.0.3.
  • - Improvements to plugin API and documentation.

Version 2.1

  • + Ticket Custom Fields
  • - Better logging if Active Directory fails when logging in.
  • - Installer now does more checking of the server setup before install can continue.
  • - Upgraded POP3 library.
  • * Fixes to downloading POP3 emails with quoted-printable encoding.
  • * Installer now correctly creates .htaccess file for installs that contain a space in the folder.
  • * Fixed encoding of certain files that may stop tickets from working after first install.
  • * MySQL strict mode fixes when using Active Directory.
  • * PHP strict mode fixes.

Version 2.0.2

  • * Now installs when MySQL strict mode is enabled.

Version 2.0.1

  • - Support for Calendar plugin.
  • - Upgraded WYSIWYG to Redactor 8.0.2.
  • - Upgraded PHP adLDAP to 4.0.4.
  • - Minor improvements to theme system.
  • - Minor improvements to documentation and installer.

Version 2.0

  • + Guest Portal (allows users to submit and view tickets without needing to login or create an account).
  • + Multiple POP3 accounts are now supported.
  • + New premium WYSIWYG editor (using the latest Redactor 8.0).
  • + Private Messages (between users, moderators and admins. Submitters can receive only)
  • + You can now select which department to download POP emails into (set per POP account).
  • + You can now disable file downloading from POP email (set per POP account).
  • + You can now edit the Email Notifications sent to users for Tickets and Ticket Notes (using the WYSIWYG editor).
  • + Tickets can now support different languages (only includes Australian English at this stage, if you can add translations please contact us!).
  • + Anti-Spam Captcha (for user registration and guest add ticket pages).
  • + You can now search users.
  • + You can now filter logs (and paging support).
  • - Cleaned up Settings pages.
  • - Lots of little interface tweaks.
  • - Documentation improvements.
  • * Fixed session garbage collection cron task (sessions should now expire correctly).

Version 1.5.1

  • + Ticket Email Notifications can now be sent to non-users (enable from POP3 settings).
  • * Fixed logic error in certain Email Notifications.

Version 1.5

  • + You can now sort by different columns on the tickets view page.
  • - Improved Software Update Notifications (can now display release notes and download link directly in the program)
  • - Automatically removes magic quotes (if enabled) and unregisters global variables (improves security and increases server support).
  • - Minor improvements to plugin API
  • - You can now edit the "Email Notification" setting for users.
  • - Support for future graph/report plugin.
  • * Fixed POP3 bug that caused system to download the same file attachments when "Leave Message on Server" was enabled
  • * HTML Fixes and Improvements.

Version 1.4

  • + Plugins Support
  • + Search by Ticket ID
  • + Phone and Address fields for Users
  • + Admins and Moderators can now delete a ticket on the ticket edit page.
  • - Interface fixes and improvements

Version 1.3.1

  • * Fixes to database when storing large tickets.
  • * Fixes to timeago class encoding on certain web hosts.
  • - HTML Support is now enabled by default.

Version 1.3

  • + Mass tickets delete option for moderators and admins.
  • - More improvements on POP download and SMTP emails for better results in different email clients.

Version 1.2.1 (not publicly released)

  • + Now able to set SMTP Port and TLS (i.e you can now use a gmail account to send messages).
  • + Option to Leave Messages on POP server.
  • + Support Page
  • - Improved plain text email importing when HTML is enabled.

Version 1.2

  • + Forgot/Reset Password.
  • + HTML Purifier on Message output, Login Message and Logs for increased security.
  • * Fixed Ticket Updated Date not always updating

Version 1.1

  • + HTML Mode (switches system from plain text to supporting HTML and having a WYSIWYG editor in tickets).
  • + Basic Departments (allowing you to better categorise tickets).
  • + Improved Search Options (Department, User and Assigned User Filter for Moderator and Administrator).
  • + POP3 system can now download files from email (and supports HTML email if enabled).
  • + Improved Display on iPhone and Small Screens (using the first version of our responsive css)
  • - Database queries improved for increased speed (tested with up to 100,000 tickets).
  • * HTML Bug Fixes.

Version 1.0

  • Released.