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Tickets 5 Upgrade Information

Note: If you are now running Tickets 5.0.0+ and upgrading to 5.0.1+ you do not need to follow these steps. If you are upgrading from Tickets 1.x, 2.x, 3.x or 4.x then you must follow these steps.

As Tickets grows, features added and more plugins come out, the fixed permissions system was becoming very limited. With Tickets 5 we completely rewrote the permissions system. This offers significantly greater flexibility for customising which users can access certain functions and features.

Previously you were limited to 6 fixed permission groups (Submitter, User, Staff, Moderator, Global Moderator and Admin), if you were happy with these then nothing has changed. All 6 groups still exist.

You can now create your own. For example if you have the forums plugin installed you can now better group which users get access to which forum section; Or if you wish to allow lower users to edit Articles but not full access to the system you can now do this.

Here is how you must upgrade:

  1. BACKUP Database and Files.
  2. Disable all existing plugins (but do not upgrade them yet).
  3. Upgrade Tickets 4+ to 5. Either via auto upgrade or by uploading the latest zip file from CodeCanyon (normal upgrade process).
  4. Ensure that you have upgraded your database.
    1. !! If you have issues upgrading your database you may need to manually visit /upgrade/ in your web browser. !!
  5. Once your database is upgraded you can now upload the Version 5 plugins (from CodeCanyon)
  6. Enable plugins 1 by 1 to ensure nothing breaks.
  7. Done!
  8. If you continue to have any database issues please upload the attached file "force_upgrade.php" to the root of your tickets install, then visit the file from your web browser (for example http://www.example.com/force_upgrade.php).

Due to the large nature of this upgrade we may have many support requests, we will work through them as we can.