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Tickets General


Tickets Handbook

Before You Install

Tickets is written in PHP 5.3 and uses a MySQL 5 database. Tickets is a Web Application that must be installed on a Web Server.

System Requirements

  • MySQL 5+ with 1 empty database
  • PHP 5.6+ (PHP 5.4 is now recommend as Tickets 5.3+ will require PHP 5.4, Tickets 7.5+ will require PHP 5.6)
  • PHP PDO and PHP PDO MySQL Extension
  • PHP Mcrypt Extension
  • PHP Hash Extension
  • PHP able to write files to the installed directory
  • Apache 2 with Rewrite Module
  • A Web Browser that supports HTML5/Javascript (for the client)
  • Outbound SMTP and POP3 ports allowed (for email notifications, email downloading and email replies).

Common Questions


  1. Copy the unzipped contents of the downloaded zip file to a public location on your web server (often called public_html). You can install Tickets in a folder on your existing web hosting or setup a new subdomain.
  2. Create an empty MySQL database (most hosting provides a control panel that allows you to do this).
  3. Ensure your PHP install can create files (for config.php to be created during the install).
  4. Run http://tickets.example.com/install/ from your local web browser.
  5. Follow the installer steps.
  6. Backup your MySQL database and user/settings/config.php file.
  7. Setup a process to visit http://tickets.example.com/cron/ every 5 minutes (more info below in the CRON section).

Common Questions


Tickets has many options for customisation. Some are built in and some are done through plugins or minor code changes. Here is a list of the common ones.

Moving Server

  1. Take the website off-line so no changes can be made by users (for example uses an htaccess/htpasswd setup)
  2. Disable the CRON script
  3. Change the domain and/or script in Settings -> General (if it is going to be in a different place/domain)
  4. Backup the database (using phpmyadmin or mysqldump as an example)
  5. Restore the database on the new server (again using a program above)
  6. Copy over all your files (and include the files storage path if that was not under your tickets install folder)
  7. Edit the .htaccess file of your Tickets install is in a new path
  8. Edit user/settings/config.php to point to the new database server (if hostname or password etc are different)
  9. Update file storage path (if different on new server) in Settings -> General
  10. Setup CRON again
  11. Done