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General Troubleshooting


How to create a custom language

To create your own language

  1. Make sure you have a good text editor. On Windows we recommend Notepad++
  2. Ensure that you use the encoding type UTF-8 without BOM in the text editor.
  3. Copy system/languages/english_aus.lang.php to user/languages/example.lang.php
  4. Open the new example.lang.php file in your text editor.
  5. Change the words on the right hand side to match your language (leaving the left hand side a lone).
  6. When finished save the file and close
  7. Load Tickets and go to Settings.
  8. Change the "Default Language" to "Example"

Note: Sometimes we can be lazy and don't update the english language file with all the available tokens. You can still translate these within your custom file, just add a new token/array item as needed.

$language_array['Logout']         = 'Logout';

Existing Languages.

  • Spanish.
  • Portuguese

When logged in you can download the language files from the left of this article.

Applies To: Tickets 2.0+, MrPassword 2.0+