10 months ago

10 months ago

BluetraitIO Release Notes


Network Site Detection

We are pleased to release our next release.


  • + Windows Agent 3.4.4, allows for network site detection
  • + Added toggle all back to MSP agents index
  • + MSP agent index can now search
    • WAN IP
    • LAN IP

Network Site Detection (BETA)

We have released a new feature called Network Sites. This is just a beta that we plan to improve in future releases. The long term goal is to allow you to configure your customers sites and have a dashboard for each site. Allowing you to setup critical agents, network information, passwords etc.

For the first release Windows Agent 3.4.4+ can detect the local network it is on, including subnet, gateway and mac address. This information is used to build a site automatically. We record this in MSP -> Discovered Networks.

To enable this feature please enable "Network Site Detection" from MSP -> Templates.

In future you will be able to pick site that you wish to monitor, the agents on that site will then automatically scan and monitor devices on the network.