2 years ago

2 years ago

BluetraitIO Release Notes


Passwords/Tickets/Reports & More

Hi All,

We're pleased to released our next version. We have added lots of new features.


  • + You can now favourite passwords
  • + Password Dashboard. You can now quickly see your favourite, recently used and newest password.
  • + Supports 2FA passwords. When you edit a password you can now upload an image of the QR 2FA code and the system will track the 2FA rotating code. This is in┬áBETA


  • + In your profile you can now set replies to be defaulted to a private reply. Please refresh your cache.
  • * We have made various improvements to the Azure Email integration to capture more attachments, and CC'ed email addresses
  • + When viewing a ticket, if a project is linked you can now click the project name.


  • + You can now include your product assignments in Reports -> MSP
  • + You can now include customer Office 365 licenses in Reports -> MSP (please ensure you have setup their Microsoft Graph API in Settings -> Microsoft Graph)


  • - Updated Dell API key for warranty info to ensure it keeps working


  • * Fixed calendar on summary mode