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Bluetrait Documentation


Bluetrait Enterprise (for SAP) System Requirements

SAP Business One

  • SAP B1 HANA Version 9.3+ or SAP B1 Microsoft SQL Version 10+
    • Service Layer Enabled
  • Access to up to date test database
  • Service Layer URL & IP Address
  • Manager Level User Account
  • ODBC/SQL Level Access (system account) & IP/Server Name
  • For best performance Bluetrait Enterprise should be located on the same network as the SAP Database. For increased security you may place Bluetrait in a DMZ.
  • The following ports will need to be opened for the Bluetrait server to correctly connect to SAP.
    • Service Layer Port. Normally TCP Port: 50000
    • Database Port. For HANA Normally TCP Port: 30015
    • SMB/File Share Port (if required, a Bluetrait specific service account should be created for SMB/File Share Access)

Bluetrait Enterprise Server

  • Debian 10 (buster) or Debian 11 (bullseye) Virtual Machine
    • No GUI installed, just base server install + OpenSSH
  • Small Installs: 8gb Ram, 2vCPUs, SAS or better 100GB Storage
  • Medium Installs: 16gb RAM, 4vCPUs, SAS/SSD 200GB Storage
  • Large Installs: 64gb RAM, 8vCPUs, SSD 500GB+ Storage
  • Public IP Address (with subdomain A record setup to point to it e.g portal.example.com)
    • Port 80 (HTTP) & 443 (HTTPs) enabled for public access
    • Port 22 (SSH) enabled to the following IP addresses for remote management
  • Bluetrait can authenticate to both Azure AD and also Active Directory.
    • For Active Directory we require the following information:
      • Domain Controller IP (e.g
      • Account Suffix (e.g example.local)
      • Base DN (e.g. DC=example,DC=local)
    • For Azure AD we will require Microsoft Graph API keys. Please contact us and we will provide screenshots.