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Mr Password Security Upgrade

MrP version 2.1 includes an improved method for storing passwords that increases security.

By default a new install of Version 2.1 uses this improved method.

For users of older versions of MrP the upgrade does not automatically upgrade to the new encryption system.

To upgrade to the new security/encryption you must run the script attached to this article. This script will upgrade your database to the new system.

You must upgrade to MrP 2.1 before using this script.

Steps to upgrade:

  1. Upgrade to Version 2.1
  2. Ensure that the database has been upgraded.
  3. Backup your database and files.
  4. Download security_upgrade.zip from the left (you must be logged in to access the download).
  5. Unzip and place into the root of MrP, so you should now have a security_upgrade/ folder
  6. In your web browser run: http://example.com/mrp/security_upgrade/
  7. Follow the upgrade script steps.