2 years ago

2 years ago

BluetraitIO Release Notes


Local Users, Import/Export & More Release

We're pleased to announce our latest release. Note: If you see any graphical issues please run Settings -> Appearance -> Re-compile first & Select "Default" colour scheme and click "Select Preset"

Bluetrait Core

  • You can now export users to CSV file from the Users page.
  • You can now import users from a CSV file from the Users page.
  • Improved the ticket view page with more ticket history information and upgraded the wysiwyg.
  • We have made various changes to how Bluetrait processes background tasks. This will make the system more reliable.
  • Fixes for redirection when 2FA is enabled
  • Fixing ticket url link in Ticket Due notification
  • Fixes to IP address authentication restrictions

Bluetrait MSP

  • Windows agent version 3.2.0 allows for viewing local users and groups on a machine. You can now easily create a local admin account. MSP -> Agents -> View Agent -> Users.
  • You can now see task history for all agents from the tasks page

Bluetrait Billing

  • + When deleting product assignments you can now delete any future invoices that were queued for that assigment
  • + When importing timesheets into an invoice you now have the option not to include the "Timesheet Type" in the item description