2 years ago

2 years ago

BluetraitIO Release Notes


Patch History, Location Tracking & More

We're please to allowed the next release of BluetraitIO.

Patch History

We have built Patch History to allow you to better track the success rate of Windows patch management.

Now each time patch management runs a new report is generated for each template.

This report allows you to drill down into the run to view which computers were online/offline, which devices successfully install updates and any error messages if a machine was unable to install successfully.

We have also added the computer specific patch history when you are viewing Software Updates on a specific agent.

This runs automatically for all templates with patch management enabled.

Location Tracking

For Windows agents running version 3.1 or higher you can now track their physical location, for devices without GPS the WiFi location will be used (where possible).

You can enable this from the Edit Template page.

Linux Agent

We have released Linux Agent 1.7.0 which adds the following features

  • Network discovery (missing some features found in the windows version but we plan to add features such as SNMP probe in future)
  • OS Build/Name update for better grouping and reporting