2 years ago

2 years ago

BluetraitIO Release Notes


File Repository, Tray Icon, Powershell Variables, Slashtop Integration & More

We're pleased to account the next major release of BluetraitIO. We have a lot of new and improved features in this update.

File Repository - Standard/Pro Accounts

The File Repository allows you to upload files and scripts directly into Bluetrait for agents to download directly. We are currently limiting this to a total of 50MB storage while we monitor the usage.

Files can be download directly to an agent by creating a new task with the "Download file from repository" type. This feature is supported on Linux/Mac & Windows.

Tray Icon

Version 3 of the windows agents includes our first release of the user tray icon. You can enable/disable the tray icon from the templates.

In future we will allow you to further customise the tray icon with links etc.

Powershell Variables

You can now create variables in your powershell scripts that includes dynamic information from the agent such as data from custom fields and more.

Splashtop Integration

We have added Splashtop Integration. You can either define a single splashtop email address in the settings or use your logged in user account email address.

Operating System Data & Reports

We have better split out the Operating System information. So you can report on major operating systems e.g Windows 10 and then their build versions.

Agent upgrades are required for this.

Add Agent Task API - Standard/Pro Accounts

Via the API you can now schedule tasks to run on an agent.

Windows Agent Upgrade Improvements & Service Start Improvements

We have made some changes to the Window agent to speed up startup time and reduce upgrade issues.