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2 years ago

BluetraitIO Release Notes


9th August 2020 Release

Mac Agent

We have released a new Mac Agent. This has been built from the ground up and is a completely native application. We have tested on Mac OS 10.13+

For Mac OS 10.14.3 and lower you also need to install the Swift 5 Runtime Support for Command Line Tools (We recommend you install this first but you can also install afterwards)

This version also supports remote upgrading and we plan to add more features in future.

If you are running the older 1.5 version of the agent please contact us as a direct upgrade is not currently possible.

Windows Agent Upgrade

We have improved the Windows Agent Upgrade process to make it faster & more reliable. Previously when upgrading the agent the process uninstalled and then reinstalled the agent, if there was underlying windows issues with the machine or the process stopped during the uninstall the machine would not upgrade correctly. The new process no longer uninstalls the agent and does a direct upgrade.

This upgrade process is supported on all versions.