2 years ago

2 years ago

BluetraitIO Release Notes


27th July 2020 Release


  • + You can now link directly to the tabs when viewing an agent (e.g when you copy a URL to an agent it will now link back to events, tasks etc).
  • + Some upgrades to buttons and colours.
  • + The drop down menu now stays expanded when you are in that module/area
  • + The agents search/filter options are now remembered between page reloads
  • - The 2FA textbox is now focused automatically when logging in
  • - When you create tasks against jobs the new task is now added at the end of the list and not at the top.

Alerts & Event Logs

  • + Event logs (System, Security & Applications) are now captured from devices and stored for up to 5,000 entries per agent. Standard/Professional accounts only. Enable in MSP -> Templates.
  • + You can now create alerts from Event Logs in MSP -> Templates. Standard/Professional accounts only.
  • + You can now view & close a single alert


  • + Domain SSL checker. When adding or editing a domain you can now enable SSL checker. This will validate the SSL certificate for that domain and check the expiry date. Standard/Professional accounts only.


  • + Edit agent purchase date and warranty expired via API and updated documentation. Link


  • + You can now show select the limit option on the programs page to see more items


  • + You can now import/export jobs in JSON format to more easily share scripts.


  • + You can now add custom fields on tags


  • Windows Agent upgrade to 2.8.1.