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2 years ago

BluetraitIO Release Notes


7th July 2020 Release

Stripe Module

  • + Stripe Payment Module. Allows for payments using a Stripe account. Professional Accounts

Templates & Alerts

  • + Alerts on additional drive letters is now supported
  • + Added CPU utilisation alerts (Windows only)
  • + Added Memory utilisation alerts
  • + You can now clone templates


  • * Updated bundled linux installer to 1.5.10
    • Packaged as tar.gz so zip is no longer required
    • Fix character encoding
  • + Windows Agent now collects listening ports and active network connections (remote ip, source/destination port). Agent 2.7.2+
  • + When downloading the Windows Agent the agent version is now included in the file name


  • + Tag history to show when machines are added or removed from a tag. On Standard/Professional Accounts.
    • On view tag page
    • On dashboard
  • + Tag conditions to filter on listening ports and destination network connections (e.g you can tag machines listening on port 80, or machines with connections to known "bad" ip addresses)
  • + Purchase Date & Warranty Expires added to Tag Rule Conditions


  • - Minor improvements to add/edit tasks interface
  • * Fixed agent tab sometime jumping tabs if you switch to a new tab before the previous one has loaded

Windows Software Updates

  • + When manually running software updates on a machine you can select to reboot the machine if required after patching
  • + When you create a install software updates task you can select the categories to install
  • + When you create a install software updates task you can now select the reboot option


  • + Added Dell iDRAC SNMP Template
  • + Added HPE iLO SNMP Template
  • + Added VMware ESXi SNMP Template
  • + When viewing an SNMP agent you can now see which agent is monitoring
  • + When viewing an SNMP agent you can now delete and add multiple probes
  • + When editing an SNMP agent you can change the SNMP template
  • + You can now create your own SNMP templates. On Standard/Professional Accounts.
    • In future we plan to allow you to monitor any OID and alert on them.
  • + You can now clone SNMP templates.
  • - Improve SNMP checkin reliability
  • * Fixed memory value from SNMP devices