3 years ago

3 years ago

BluetraitIO Release Notes


27th May 2020 Release

We're please to announce our latest updated.

  • Azure/Office 365 email integration. We have completed email integration with Office 365. You can now send and import emails from your Office 365 mailboxes (including shared mailboxes) via direct API integration. This speeds up email receiving and also improves security by no longer requiring POP3 or SMTP protocols.
  • We have added additional information to MSP report including DHCP, DNS and Gateway Addresses.
  • We have released Version 2.7 of the Windows Agent. This allows you to view all users connected to a computer and with a single click you can logout the user. Specifically useful for RDS/Terminal Servers.
  • We've added a limit on the MSP agents page to improve page loading speed when you have more than 100 agents on the system.
  • We have fixed a bug with Bitdefender where the install is attempted too often.