2 years ago

2 years ago

BluetraitIO Release Notes


2nd May 2020 Release

We're pleased to announce the next release of Bluetrait.io.


We have added a number of features to the MSP section

  • For Windows you can now silently uninstall prorgrams from the agent programs tab. Note only MSI based applications can currently be uninstalled. Requires agent version 2.6.5+
  • For Windows you can now upgrade the agent from the view agent page (as required).
  • We have streamlined the view agent page to remove features that aren't yet supported on Mac/Linux/SNMP agents
  • We have renamed the Network Discovery tab to Discovery & SNMP
  • For Windows we have added a new tab called Network that now displays all network interfaces (with details) on the agent. Requires agent version 2.6.5+
  • We have released a beta version of our MacOS agent
  • Allow download agent page to be used without login (url uses a unique access key, so you can publish on your website if you wish or limit access).


  • You can now specify the default sales tax for a company when creating an invoice/quote/purchase order. Change from CRM -> Companies -> Edit -> Default Sales Tax.