2 years ago

2 years ago

BluetraitIO Release Notes


23rd April 2020 Release

New Tag Rule Condition - Custom Fields

Today we have added a new rule condition so that you can apply tags based on an agent custom field. This is powerful as you can automatically write to the custom field based on the output of a script.

For example you can run a powershell script that stores the result in a custom field. The tag rules will then pick up this value and apply the tag to the agent/computer.

Finally you can setup automated scripts to run on the tag level.

  1. To create agent custom fields go to Settings -> MSP -> Agents - Custom Fields
  2. Next you can store the value on the custom field. Edit a task as select "Store result on agent in this custom field" and pick the field in the dropdown.
  3. Finally edit a tag and create a tag rule with the custom field condition