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Bluetrait MSP


Road Map

Please note this is a preliminary roadmap. This will be updated with further information at a later date. For suggestions or feedback please contact support@bluetrait.io


  • Get BIOS Info
  • SNMP 
    • Templates to add additional devices based on supplied OIDReleased 7th July 2020
    • Allow traffic graphs based on interface data
    • Alerts on custom OID data
    • Interface to allow multiple agents to poll same SNMP device (e.g if no server is onsite) Released 7th July 2020
    • SNMP probe on linux device (to allow low cost/raspberrypi as network probe)
  • Alerts based on events in Windows Event Log
  • Improve alerts system to monitor more information
  • Bitdefender Integration - Released 11th May 2020
  • Webroot Integration Improvements
  • Wake on Lan
  • Improved Linux Agent
    • Support additional tasks
    • Additional OS support
    • Fix Linux Event Spam
    • Update built in agent version
  • Mac Agent - Beta Released 2nd May 2020
  • Scripting Improvements 
    • continue on success/returned result
    • powershell variables
    • runtime variables
    • bash support
  • Agent Search Improvements
  • Improved Network Discovery with remote agent install
    • Speed improvements
    • Options on what ports to scan
    • Better store results
  • Storage w/Full Drive Info
  • Teamviewer Integration
  • Splashtop Integration
  • Additional Network Information including Mac Address & Current Throughput - Released 2nd May 2020
  • Import/Export Jobs
  • Jobs Community/Sharing Scripts
  • Azure Send/Receive Email - Released 27th May 2020
  • Improved Patch Management
    • More schedule options
    • Approve/Reject specific patches - HIGH - Released
    • Show installed patches
    • MacOS support
  • Link Agents to Tickets
  • Link Agents to Passwords
  • Run one off job/task on tags
  • Pending reboot information on view agent page
  • Searching task results - Released
  • Reports w/PDF
    • Customer Exec Report
    • Patch Report
    • AV Report
    • Installed Software Report
  • File Repo
    • To store files for deployment
    • Drag & drop once off MSI install for agent.
  • Computer last active
  • Screenshot Thumbnail
  • API Docs - Work in progress
  • Attempt Windows agent install from network discovery
  • Agent Custom Fields on Tag Conditions - Released 23rd April 2020
  • Uninstall Programs from Programs Tab - Windows - Released 2nd May 2020
  • Customise agent widgets
  • Customise agent MSI to default to specific company and/or template
  • Bulk Import Companies and their clients
    • Users Import/Export - Released
    • Companies Add/Get API - Released
  • Backup checkin address for failover and/or connect via IP address if DNS down
  • Agent watchdog to better handle upgrades and restart service if offline
  • Wish List:
    • Allow relay via another local agent if gateway is not set or other network issue
  • Migrate to .Net Core (when suitable) 
  • Uninstall/remove agent remotely
  • Tray Icon
    • Customisable 
  • 3rd Party Patch Management
  • Powershell module to create alerts, tickets etc
  • Auto update agents
  • Alerts when agents added/removed from Tags
  • Sites/Locations to group computers together
  • Get Installed Printers - Windows
  • Reset User Passwords - Windows
  • Windows BitLocker Recovery Key
  • Roles for MSP users (to limit access to companies agents).
  • Prune services that aren't being used anymore (windows generates a lot of random service names).


  • Allow default tax rate to be set per companyReleased 2nd May 2020
  • Allow starting invoice & ticket id to be set
  • Auto import timesheet items onto re-occuring invoices
  • Allow time to be automatically billed


  • Allow adding additional fields to ticket index
  • Allow drag & drop inline images - Done in ticket replies
  • Handle NDR better: X-MS-Exchange-Message-Is-Ndr


  • Option to auto email customers once project is nearing used hours for the month


  • Auto approve timesheets (for customers who don't wish to use the approval process) - Released 15th Sept 2020

Known Bugs

  • If you visit the Articles page without any categories (Settings -> Articles) you get an SQL error. Please create a category first. Fixed - 8th May 2020
  • If you vist the provide page with the Xero module enabled but not linked you get an error. Please disable Xero module (Settings -> Xero) if you are not using this feature.
  • Deleting agents is buggy. Fixed - 13th May 2020
  • New customer cannot use Xero integration due to Xero API changes.

All known bugs will be fixed as soon as possible based on priority and impact.

Bluetrait Account Management

  • Allow changing plan details from directly within your personal bluetrait site.
  • Allow images in documents
  • Increase Pro license to 175-200 agents ??
  • Release "unlimited" agents page
  • Link to password reset page
  • Integrate password reset

Various Platform Improvements

  • Fix Mac agent signing issue and upgrading
  • Fix install/upgrade running multiple times
  • Move agent checking to separate load balance instance
  • Fix appearance/saas recompile issues
  • Add option to check sites are live/working correctly