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Auto Updater

Tickets 3.1+ includes a new Auto Updater system allowing you to update to future versions of Tickets without needing to manually download and then upload a zip file.

We have noticed a number of users running older versions of Tickets. The Auto Updater system aims to increase the rate at which users update their Tickets install. This will ensure that your Tickets install is as stable and secure as possible.

There are a few requirements for the Auto Updater to function:

  • You have registered your copied of Tickets (done by adding your Tickets purchase code to your profile on portal.dalegroup.net)
  • PHP has write access to all files in your Tickets install folder
  • Your server can connect to api.apptrack.com.au and portal.dalegroup.net on port 80
  • You have entered your purchase code into Tickets (done at /settings/licensing/ on your Tickets install)
  • Your MySQL server has a large allowed packet size (i.e max_allowed_packet = 32M)
  • You have patched system/classes/update.class.php (Tickets 3.1 users only, fixed in Tickets 3.2+)

To provide the correct update to your Tickets install the following information is sent to our servers (using a json array):

  • Application ID (this is a unique number assigned to each of the Dalegroup software products, in Tickets case this value will always be the number 1)
  • API Action (this value will always be auto_updater and is used to tell the Dalegroup server what function is being called)
  • Installed Database Version (i.e Tickets 3.1 is 29)
  • Installed Program Version (i.e 3.1)
  • Code Database Version (i.e Tickets 3.1 is 29)
  • Code Program Version (i.e 3.1)
  • License Key (also know as the Item Purchase Code)
  • Files (a SHA1 hash of every file within your Tickets install folder)
  • Directory Separator (i.e / or \ depending on your operating system)
  • PHP Version (from Tickets 5.0.1+)

We do our best to ensure no personal data is sent to our servers. The Tickets Auto Updater is incremental meaning that only the changed files are updated (which is why we need a hash of your files).

We will always continue to provide manual updates if you do not wish to use the Auto Updater for whatever reason.

All the updater code is stored in system/classes/update.class.php if you wish to check it out to ensure that it meets with your security requirements.

At no stage can Dalegroup force an update or access your system. The Auto Updater is a pull based system (that is you must press "check for updates" before Tickets will contact to the update server).

Please be aware that Tickets will still do a version update check once a day but this does not send any install information (except for the version number).

Tickets 3.1 Auto Update Patch

Tickets 3.1 requires you to upload a patch before the auto update system will function.

To patch:

  1. Download update.class.php found on the left side of this page (you must be logged in).
  2. Upload to your existing Tickets 3.1 install to system/classes
  3. Done!